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Dr. Aldahwi photo.jpeg

- California licensed LMFT (no. 111855)
- Doctorate in Psychology - Ryokan College
- Masters in Clinical Psychology -  Antioch University Los Angeles.

Dr. Samara Aldahwi


Anyone can benefit from therapy.

Rather than an uncomfortable or embarrassing ordeal, therapy is simply a process by which harmful and negative thoughts and emotions are resolved over a number of analytical and revealing sessions held in comfort and safety.

As a fully trained and licensed therapist, my passion for this process of reaching mental wellness is also my vocation. During my years of experience assisting clients from all backgrounds to understanding themselves, their thoughts and motivations, I have helped them to make real progress in their lives and to be happier and more successful people.

By examining our triggers, emotions and beliefs, we become aware of why we act the way we do and how we can substitute our unwanted behaviours for those that are more positive and beneficial for us and the people we interact with.

Our sessions will do just this and provide you with a range of tools you can employ to better cope and thrive each day.

I am available to work with individuals, couples or families and my specialisms include:


- immigration issues and cultural shock;

- treating addiction and eating disorders;

- alleviating depression and anxiety;

- managing PTSD and military-induced issues;

- coping with bariatric surgery;

- breaking co-dependency;

- therapy focused on teen issues, sexual problems and transgender-related issues.

There are very few issues that I have not encountered in my career to date as a therapist. I know that many of the things that trouble us can seem insurmountable or impossible to cope with. However, I can assure you that this is not the case. Any problem can be overcome once it is deconstructed and understood fully through therapy.

If you’re ready to begin this journey then it would be my pleasure to take it with you.

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